The Dark Secret of Control's Shadow | The SCIENCE of... Control

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    Damon Mackwood

    Stepping through my shadow Coming out the other side

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    That one Cod guy

    Wheres richest characters in gaming part 3?

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    i want to play this game but even with my rig i cant run it without having 30 fps :(

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    nicholas garrett

    Amazing theory

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    Scott Feng

    *Persona 5 has entered the chat*

  • Asdrubal Leon
    Asdrubal Leon

    I love this game! there's a lot of unexplained stuff but that's what makes it exciting


    Am I the only one who, when he said, "lovecraftian sound monsters" thought, "pattern screamers"?

  • mrfuzzysg

    Feels like a reach, specifically because we have no evidence in files or otherwise that the slide projector is capable of splitting personalities. It simply projects a doorway to other realities using slides, and without the slides it does nothing. I'm not saying for certain that the theory isn't possible but I don't see the slide projector being the culprit, unless it's the first OOP with a multiplicity of functions.

  • TheAdvertisement

    13:12 I wonder if the way Headspace works in Omori was based heavily off of this?

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    Rival _67

    Where is Mat Pad?

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    This... is... fascinating!

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    Man .. that was great!

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    Jig Up

    Did he say… Enrichening..? 2:07 Enriching is a word, and I’ve heard “enrichen” used, although spellcheck is very upset with me for typing that, but… enrichening..? It makes perfect sense as a word, it follows the general structure of the English language, it just sounds strange

  • The Lost Orchid
    The Lost Orchid

    Alan Hagers name from the Patreon list sounds familiar... is he also part of the blitztopian empire? Is it the same guy?

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    Cult Of the blood god

    Why does Jessie have the can I speak to your manager hair cut

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    i think the true reason THIS video makes sense is cause he didn't yell

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    Man a control episode! God, man it’s been so long since I played Alan Wake.

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    The Cocomelon baby Needs a theory

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    Dmitri Axel

    Day 3 asking Game Theory for Last Theory of Petscop

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    Noside Noside

    i wonder if the hiss had a door in the hotel

  • Shythalia

    I'm upset you didn't mention the SCP Foundation at least once. They have so much in common that it seems that it is inspired by it. Or at least not inspired by the Foundation itself but more the uni/multi-verse of it.

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    Christiaan Heining


  • DarkGoldKingRay

    Anyone want a small fried smashed brain? Cuz I have no use for it anymore bro this sounds to much like an scp u can not tell me it's not

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    Kurt Paulsen

    Control is super underrated, props on this intriguing theory!

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    Hey, cool. I also got this a couple of weeks ago.

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    Austin had dandruff

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    Mynt Plays Games

    I found the game and enjoy it very much and then a month or two later MattyPatty makes a theory on it

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    jase conn

    I've played control

  • Chance Is Hungry
    Chance Is Hungry

    Dear Austin, Hi, i am a HUGE fan of your work. I love how you take something like Overwatch or Minecraft, and then just crack into the logic and science behind it. With Matt, he’s always like “It’s just a theory!” But not you. It is proven by the scientific Method AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Now to get to my point. A few weeks ago, Kazuya Mishima from Tekken was announced for Smash Ultimate as the 5th character of the season 2 fighter pass. One of his moves in that game, his down special to be correct, was called Heaven’s door. Heaven’s door is an attack where Kazuya literally grabs the opponent, flies them high up into the air, and then crash them back down

    • Chance Is Hungry
      Chance Is Hungry

      . And what I would like you to do is make a video on how INSANELY DANGEROUS this move would be in real life. I know Matt already did a video similar on Ridley’s Side Special, but I feel that you, doing this, would be just INCREDIBLE! sincerely, Me (p.s. I’m sorry I had to write this in two parts, I ended up pressing comment before I could finish)

  • Secret Celibi
    Secret Celibi

    Heres an idea that might just break you like it is to me RN. How in the everliving hell does the gusts of air in the ground of skyward sword work, it cant be just a gas bc it would have to be such a large pocket that the ground would set after it depletes or gets low enough, and it cant just be something heated because they're also IN the sealed ground SO HOW?!?!?!

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    Ram S

    DANG IT, i have yet to finish it... i'll be back

  • ZaadinandSetsuna Rose
    ZaadinandSetsuna Rose

    Control is 100% SCP. Like the FBC is totally the Foundation. The Objects of Power are totally SCPs. I loved every second of the game.

  • The Pixelators
    The Pixelators

    I watch so many theories about stuff i have no clue about. This is one of those times. I just legit don't care about spoilers.

  • Dracul JOSHI
    Dracul JOSHI

    Not alternate dimensions, altenrate realities.

  • Katetitos Nakashimada
    Katetitos Nakashimada

    it sounds like the FBC is the scp foundation

  • OverestimatedForesight

    Ahti is definitely a member of the Board. He starts the game by saying you're here for an interview and that you'll work for him. You then have an "interview" (by the board's standards at least,) and become director. Ahti can go anywhere he wants in the building (including past the ashtray maze,) no one really knows who he is or where he's from, and he helps you throughout the game. He's even present in your mind when the Hiss tries to possess you.

  • OverestimatedForesight

    Just finished control about sixty seconds ago and your video was the motivation to do so!

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    Toshio Vang

    shes in a coma

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    Tobias Nitz

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    Torquosis LivingManPerson

    Waited til I played it on a Series X. Loading Screens are 50% the experience on the One X. Maybe even 75%.

  • Whisper7174

    Austin, you should do the science on the weather and environment change in Pokémon’s wild area and towns in sword and shield

  • Hiroyaki Sadaka
    Hiroyaki Sadaka

    Going into this video I thought it had something to do with the Russian book контроль(control), which is about a real spy who existed during the soviet era, but well last I remember the soviets didn't have access to other dimensions and wasn't located in the US.

  • Taylor Lee For Congress
    Taylor Lee For Congress

    What is your intro song?

  • Xhosant

    On one hand, the Ordinary department reports mentioned a few kids that the interviewees named but the town records lacked. This lends credence to the projector making people. On the other, neither the therapist nor the FBC calls Dylan out as a new/nonexistent person.

  • Rudolph III
    Rudolph III

    Please do who is ahti the janitor

  • [~ Daphne ~]
    [~ Daphne ~]

    Him: "character A and character B aren't siblings but instead the same person, I proved it in this video essay." Me, not having even known about this game until I saw this video: "ah yes, *two characters I know nothing about being the same person, i n t r e g i n g .*

  • HollowedJes

    Dylan: "Did you notice that our names, 'Jesse', 'Dylan'... could be girl's names. Could be boy's names... Could be anything. Don't you find that weird? I find that weird." Me, a nonbinary person: I mean it's not *that* weird.

  • Squeebers

    My mind is blown

  • TheRadiantDehd

    Control be like: What if SCP Foundation, but like you were an SCP and just thought you were a person with telekinesis and flight

  • Kerokero

    This theory is eerily similar to darker than black season 2

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    Obadijah Parks

    Scp.... just scp.

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    kristopher cone

    Secure the anomalist, contain threats to humanity, and protect the public

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    Yo Austin you should do a Minecraft hardcore let's play.

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    Nashmen the Gamer

    I don't care about control spoilers

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    2 years... lol

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    Does Quantum Break take place in the same universe as Alan Wake and Control?

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    AG's Variety Channel

    Oh no As soon as i see google docs being opened…

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    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

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    Brennan Smith

    I literally just finally got around to playing Control, so finding this out of nowhere is awesome

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    A B

    Second best game I have played

  • Lokï & Psych G
    Lokï & Psych G

    Ahti is an old god, you can hear Trench describe him in the assistant hallucination. He says sometimes he a plumber, to remove the fish from the drain, but he's also the one who put the fish in the drain in the first place. I think this implies that he knew about the hiss and tried to prevent them. Further evidence, when you finally get through the Ashtray Maze, you can find a transcript from a guy working there that says only Trench and Darling has access through the maze, and somehow he saw Ahti cleaning on the other side, and wondered how the hell Ahti got through. He's also shown earlier in the game to be able to travel through different dimensions somehow.

    • Lokï & Psych G
      Lokï & Psych G

      The "fish" that Ahti put in would be the mold

  • Carpe Natem
    Carpe Natem

    hey I'd like to complain about spoilers

  • Jeremy Durham
    Jeremy Durham

    Okay but what about the implication from the psyhcologist recording that Jesse herself is from an alternate universe? Do we know that the people disappeared at all? What if they were already gone for some other reason, and Jesse/Dylan travelled to a version of Ordinary where they were gone using the projector?

  • abateu

    Love the work you've done but I feel like saying "Duuuuh". I thought this was obvious in the story that they are the same. Even one of the last stages has Jesse's voice projecting from a projector that you must destroy. You are destroying your connection with the world and the hiss at the same time, becoming both the savior and the threat

  • Chishannicon

    Don't agree with this theory at all, but I appreciate the thought you put into it. And I'm so glad you enjoyed Control. It's one of my favorite games of this past generation.

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    mr.barcode[immortal][O.A.I.A.P.B agent]


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    I would love to listen to a podcast from Game Theory.

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    0:38 Haha bold of you to assume i can play the game

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    PixersKev Production

    Who tf is this guy?

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    filip spiric

    I started this video then played through the game, and wouldn't you know it here I am again. Video finished.

  • Iridescent

    Games based on debunked scientific theories are incredibly interesting. While they may not be correct to our world, imagine a world where they're law. If it leads to quality games such as this, I'd love to see more developers take on the challenge!

  • Gregory Rodgers
    Gregory Rodgers

    it could also follow that the Hiss is the shadow of Polaris

  • David GN40
    David GN40

    "Jesse created Dylan" Alan Wake/ Thomas Zane moment.

  • Carlo Alessio Ruperto
    Carlo Alessio Ruperto

    Yes, good, perfect, cool. But where the hell did Darling go? 😂 Anyway, really interesting theory 👏🏼

  • matt

    Isnt this just the scp foundation? But with more fantasy

  • James Ebbery
    James Ebbery

    So does anyone remember where one of the the slides was called "The House"? Because I think that's really important considering the game takes place in "The Oldest House". Brilliant stuff as always Austin, always appreciate your analysis of these games

  • john gerity
    john gerity

    I picked up on this while playing, specifically the board saying "Jesse/Dylan" and Dylan's only child story. When they didn't address it after finishing the main quest (shutting down the slide projector portal), I interpreted the lack of bringing it up again as the board being out of touch with how our universe works, and Dylan trying to mess with her. It's hardly a revelation to pick up on. Which kinda makes it frustrating because I only played the game because of this video so I could watch and not be spoiled.

  • BLK MN
    BLK MN

    Control is awesome if you know ANYTHING about the SCP Foundation. Same vibes.

  • Alex Papa
    Alex Papa

    Basically, Control's agency is the SCP Foundation

  • SCP 682
    SCP 682

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    Jon Callahan

    Devil'd Advocate 2 when?

  • Kasaen

    Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • qren

    so basically an alternate universe of scp?

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    Awesome how it all makes sense now I've had a thought to that but no research to back it and it's great to know they've put an actual science behind the game. It was such an amazing game!

  • Ineichen

    The janitor, Ahti, shares his name and a few tiny similarities with a Finnish folk hero (who there seems to also be a debated connection to a Finnish god, Ahto, possibly even the same person at different points in life). Frankly, in the Wake universe, I'm willing to assume he is that hero and maybe god, or at least what inspired legends of that hero and maybe god, until the lore actually say's otherwise. Worth noting is that Ahti is often referred to as "The Islander" in folk poetry, which should raise flags, and Remedy is Finnish so it's reasonable to assume people involved may know of these myths and chosen to either use (clearly altered sure) or at least borrowed from them. If he isn't meant to be the same Ahti, he's probably at the very least inspired by him.

    • David GN40
      David GN40

      That makes sense. From The Foundation DLC, we learn Ahti is a Paranatural entity. A lot of the music he listens to is also made by the "Old Gods of Asgard", comprised of Odin and Tor from Alan Wake, who gained powers akin to their namesake Norse Gods after being touched by the Dark Presence. I definitely think Ahti is the same Finnish folk hero, in some capacity at least.

  • Master_Keyblade

    I was just thinking of suggesting Control as a theory only to find out you beat me to it!!

  • Hitoshi Akioto
    Hitoshi Akioto

    Also the same person thing seems kinda like in astra lost in space

  • Hitoshi Akioto
    Hitoshi Akioto


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    Ur Average escalator


  • aSubtleDoot

    I don't get one part. If the Slide Projector 'projected' Jesse's shadow out of her into Dylan... How come she is still the way she is? She says that she feels like a part of his missing, yet she does seem close with her Animus. She's independent, almost cocky in some dialogues, resists authority and her position as the director... But to also counter my argument, later in the game she finally agrees to take the mantle of the Director. She calls herself that, she decides to literally take control. Not just driven by the desire to find Dylan, but to actually protect and work with the FBC. I like the theory, just think this part should be addressed. If she 'lost' Dylan, her Animus/Shadow, she would be far less masculine. If she still is as masculine (not in the meaning of wide shoulders and beard, but rather showing phychological traits classified as being more on the masculine side), then wasn't Dylan just 'copied' out of her? But if that's the case, then why does she feel she misses something?

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    Bheem Singh

    Plot twist she was acting in a movie

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    Fen Chi

    I hate austin.

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    Gaming Dude Donal

    when he said about them being the same and alternate unverses i imedieatly thought oh cool theyre altenrnate universe forms of each other boom

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    jesse demers

    Mr Door is Martin Hatch

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    Eijiro Kirishima

    I like spoilers, it saves me the pain of character deaths, and y'know, warming up to a character that has a tragic end

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    omg spoilers dude

  • JusticeSoulTuna

    Control truly is the game that goes deeper the more you examine it. Definitely a gem

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    Noah Sherman

    My favorite member of The Game Theorists, you did not disappoint.