Game Theory: The Secret Lore of Friday Night Funkin'...

  • Zwervoo

    Right before I watched the vid, they showed me and ad of the game… I don’t watch that game unless cory plays it💯🤦🏾‍♂️where’s coryyyyyyu

  • Noxic Gaming
    Noxic Gaming

    I hope fnf get a castle crashers level

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    Negash Negash

    plz more

  • Evan’s World
    Evan’s World

    The Santa is being held hostage for his chair

  • ProYo Gamer
    ProYo Gamer

    The fact that I'm at 1% and won't be able to finish the theory

  • gunsmith gaming
    gunsmith gaming

    hold up. if i remember correctly ( i don't remember clearly, so take this with a grain of salt) wasen't week 6 AFTER week 2 then the order would be 1 3 4 2 6 5

    • gunsmith gaming
      gunsmith gaming

      so the speculation ( i don't know how to spell thery, thiory, idk) would be incorrect

  • gunsmith gaming
    gunsmith gaming

    T _ I wut. an't this just a funny rap game?

  • Mr_JoJoJuice

    im pretty sure lemon demon is in bf head.

  • Bren Hanks
    Bren Hanks

    Can you do a theory on tabi?

  • Josip Koprolčec
    Josip Koprolčec

    Lemon monster was in back ground in mall,i dont think that santa was lemo monster

  • Hank S
    Hank S

    Hereditary style wtf XD

  • Cuddles The Cat
    Cuddles The Cat

    12:54 😏

  • Laurynas Peleckis
    Laurynas Peleckis

    10:29 who's the girl with the skull on her clothes?


    I only commented to hear epik intro 0:29

  • Cheems with a katana
    Cheems with a katana

    I think that the monster is wait ing patiently for his turn, and actually kills Santa, hence monster warring the Santa hat in the last song. but that might just be him altering reality.

  • Sleeping Character
    Sleeping Character

    People: *hates matpat* Me: wheres the nuke button so i can end the world with alot of nukes

  • Transformers2Fan1

    11:30 - plzplzPLZ be Yandere Simulator!

  • LazyUnicorn

    So basically, Boyfriend is Ness.

  • Eric ツ
    Eric ツ

    Here are the weeks in order with the story it goes Week 1 Week 3 Week 4 Week 2 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7

  • Valon The Sword Collector
    Valon The Sword Collector

    Maticus Pathew: The mall santa is Monster Monster, literally in the background in the same shot: Am I a joke to you?

  • NuggetInABoxWhatWillItDo

    when I heard that starting music- AAAAA

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    Isaac Harlacher

    What about gametoons

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    Mad Axolotl


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    Jaiden Ivey

    Lol right now it’s 4:00am when he said can’t sleep lol

  • DeathCatThor

    I would like I full song of the biggining

  • Phillip Harris
    Phillip Harris

    hey human souls into video games ur talking about human souls going into an arcade cabinet (how salty sunday goes)

  • Stephen Martyak
    Stephen Martyak

    fnf hd mod week 4 lamp-pole happens

  • Lord_XTG

    Lmao the beginning of the video got me weak everytime I watch this

  • Cindee Mayfield
    Cindee Mayfield

    Ok Hu tao genshin impact theory

    • scrubby ftw
      scrubby ftw

      What do you want to know about her?

  • bro kid
    bro kid

    seat so that they rap them santa did die and remeber they want to still play dirty tricks

  • bro kid
    bro kid

    and they sit in santa

  • bro kid
    bro kid

    no hes actully monster is in backround

  • Mr Walle
    Mr Walle


  • Jacob Greathouse
    Jacob Greathouse

    Fnf is a pg 13 version of prappa the rapper or dance dance revolution

  • Giraffe Baby
    Giraffe Baby

    If Daddy's last name is Dearest and Mommy's last name is Mearest, does that means Girlfriend's last name is Gearest?

  • ethancraft08

    matpat be-bop-go

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    Meredith Levin


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    A'mari Williams

    Plz don’t send hate

  • A'mari Williams
    A'mari Williams

    And that’s all I had to say but do better pat

  • A'mari Williams
    A'mari Williams

    Theory: Look at the monster’s neck closely. Look at the colour, doesn’t it seem oddly familiar to the skin of the background dancers? Well my theory is that the monster is an angry dancer that betrayed the Dearest family. Why else would the Lemon demon be trying to eat Girlfriend? I hope you try and expand this theory in the next FNF theory, MatPat. And yes, I would LOVE for you to do more! Not it either

  • A'mari Williams
    A'mari Williams

    They do not do experiments lemon monster did not come out of the mall Santa he is in the background crowd

  • A'mari Williams
    A'mari Williams

    U guys suck at making the actual lore theory’s I’ve been trying to keep quiet but can’t god

  • A'mari Williams
    A'mari Williams

    U guys suck at the lore here

  • Sam Fish
    Sam Fish

    The monster may have also set up the Santa, he was innocent, but the demon tricked the family into thinking otherwise to set up a trap.

  • MsGiantX

    No one: me at the beginning of the video: *yes parrapa the rapper is fnf now*

  • Sandres

    I already want a Scott Pilgrim/Suckerpunch-like movie about this video game

  • Super Oli Bro
    Super Oli Bro

    my friday night funkin freeplay menu is gonna be a mess

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    Aiden Vorheese

    What 0-0

  • Tiffany

    Your video made me miss newgrounds

  • Mysto Mystic
    Mysto Mystic

    Did you just used the biltmore mansion as the background 7:34

  • Meysam Khodaee bad piggies
    Meysam Khodaee bad piggies

    I want to have something there's two monsters so means monster is growing army of them

  • -skumpy-

    Be bop go

  • Kyle Waddell
    Kyle Waddell

    thank you for making theory videos on this extremely interesting lore. I know it is your job, but thanks again because it is dope, might I say!

  • Egg Hugar
    Egg Hugar

    Monster one goal is to eat girlfriend. If he eats her he will maybe get more power to overthrow the parents

  • Aleida Cabrera
    Aleida Cabrera

    0:08 made a good rap... a small rap

  • Ashley Lyons
    Ashley Lyons

    Sorry but I forgot your name but when you get serious about everything it actually scares me like you’re actually scary when you get serious

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    Golden Sun1

    Hey nice I watch that guy too

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    I don’t know why but I keep replaying Mat’s rap at the beginning 🥲

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    Randomized Things

    I hope they port it to console...

  • SuperFireTurtle14

    Jesus Loves you

  • Charley Edwards
    Charley Edwards

    could have given them names.. the non names is kinda an old trope at this point

  • Charley Edwards
    Charley Edwards

    good ol parappa the rappa

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    me: there is no best int-

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    Ramon Rodriguez

    Santas Krampus :0



  • Bricko Games
    Bricko Games

    I don’t even like this game, but I’m still hooked!

  • Nathan Alexander Xoumpholphakdy nalexander555
    Nathan Alexander Xoumpholphakdy nalexander555

    Mall Santa is DEAD! He is not the lemon guy!

  • Trollmasta

    I pressed spacebar. I have now cringed

  • Neiera Tolliver
    Neiera Tolliver

    umm how do you play this game on a computer

  • TheGuruAxle

    Love how when he’s so wrong that the devs come in and tell hims so and he’s still like nope I’m right the people that made the game at wrong

  • Tom Z771
    Tom Z771

    Fun fact: bf can speed English but he is anti-social sooo beep skidoo bop

  • anthony cannet
    anthony cannet

    13:04 it could be that he put her in the virtual world to keep the monster away from her, knowing that the boyfriend who was able to beat him would do just fine holding off the spirits he trapped there who couldn’t beat him. They may have been trapped in GF’s dating sim because they tried to date GF and lost to the dad so he put them in a dating sim so they could date GF virtually but not in reality cuz they weren’t good enough… GF’s knowledge of the sim’s world and BF’s ability to defend her while she’s there make it a safe place to keep them from the monster. Or if the theory of him sending failed BF’s there is wrong it could be senpai’s personal prison because he tried to date GF even after losing to dad which meant he did it without dad’s knowledge or permission and so was trapped in the dating sim to be stuck always dating GF only ever in a virtual setting…

  • Excalibur5992

    Bro... Pablo Sanchez? That takes me waaaaay back

  • GlitchySoda

    0:51 ayo ranboo, fundy, nagito, kokichi- what are you doing in FNF?!?!?

  • Gladyssa Krishnayana
    Gladyssa Krishnayana

    more fnf!!!

  • Marius Rasmussen
    Marius Rasmussen

    I just thought Girlfriend's parents wanted to sit in Santa's seat

  • Boyfriend

    Tom fulps face was spirit, if anyone didnt know that.

  • Bakugou Katsuki
    Bakugou Katsuki

    Lemon demon: “hey man, I’m gonna eat your girlfriend” CoryxKenshin: “NONO..YOU WILL NOT EAT MY GIRLFRIEND”

  • epic player123
    epic player123

    Me who already knew all the lore:

  • Erik Ghostwood and the crew
    Erik Ghostwood and the crew

    it's pretty obvious why they're pointing a gun at mall Santa, they're holding him at gunpoint to perform this whole battle in the mall. they're sitting in the mall santas chair

  • Michael Andrew Biay
    Michael Andrew Biay

    *The true thing that needs lore here is WHITTY FRIDAY FUNNY NIGHT MUKANG!!!!!!!!*

  • Dark Phantom
    Dark Phantom

    wait... if girlfriend is half demon and half human and her parents are demons... how does that work did mom cheat?

    • Owen Denning
      Owen Denning

      It was Boyfriend lol

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    Toasty Bread


  • Minecraft Cringe
    Minecraft Cringe

    The Easter Egg Theorists confirmed?????

  • 1999 PICO
    1999 PICO


  • 1999 PICO
    1999 PICO

    pooprappa de rappe

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    Faheight Walnut

    wait a minute, isnt lemon demon in the background already?

  • mlg kiddd
    mlg kiddd

    This is some juicy lore

  • Corrupt skid And pump games
    Corrupt skid And pump games

    Fnf real lore: exists Matpat: ima pretent that didn’t exist LOL

  • HoneyDew 228
    HoneyDew 228

    Friday night funkin': haha we swap weeks :> FnaF: *clicks tongue* BOY sit down

  • Canyon Storz
    Canyon Storz

    I always thought that they were holding Santa at gunpoint because they just wanted to sit in his throne?

  • Raymison Statie
    Raymison Statie

    When I heard pico is bf`s ex that reminded me of something, AYANA Is also bf's ex, so doesn't that means that boyfriend has a really complicated love story?

  • The Law
    The Law

    The intro is slappin

  • Bug

    I think the lemon demon is hot

  • Brenda — custom bendy charecter
    Brenda — custom bendy charecter

    * be thinking about how the goal is just to have a girlfriend and boyfriend together* Me:*So Monika was right about it being a dating sim!!!!*

  • Imitable Brown
    Imitable Brown

    What if he put girlfriend in the game with you so you can protect girlfriend

  • Ulysees Wingo
    Ulysees Wingo

    Dude lemon demon is actually terrifying 🤣

  • rune

    lemon demon acc scares me lol

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    xDzy ViperzZ

    god damn Game Theorists can take innocent games into a whole creepy story

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    The Ice Werewolf

    Yes lore