Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

  • Gage Thomas
    Gage Thomas

    I think that they shouldn’t have not done anything because they ruined the best game creator because they didn’t support someone

  • ryan

    Bacon is not the best food ever, simply do not lie about that

  • Griffin Brown
    Griffin Brown

    There is nothing wrong with donating

  • Rancid Milk
    Rancid Milk

    The problem that some people don't seem to get is that each person individually has their own beliefs... if you don't agree with their beliefs then that's ok don't go out of your way to make life for the person miserable even if the vote for red... who cares?!?! It is all about the quality of their character and not about what they believe in politically

  • it me pro
    it me pro

    No one had any right to judge or harass him for his decision. It's his money and he has the right to donate to anyone.

  • unfunny queer
    unfunny queer

    i’m really gonna miss him and his work, but i hate his views

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer

    sooo, scott got cancelled?

  • Domingo Herrera
    Domingo Herrera

    I agree, American politics sucks. Playing video games is like my escape from reality, my fortress of solitude, but now politics have gotten into video games this past year that I’m reminded of these politics. Video games are about storytelling and fun not politics and agenda but that’s the world we live in

  • the cat cube is cool
    the cat cube is cool

    dude when scott retired i was so sad i cried cause i heard the political stuff thinking he retired from it but then i read his note and felt better knowing it was for his family and the amazing series would go on. it brought me comfort

  • MC69

    This video made me even more sure of the danger the USA is in. The political division is heading toward a nation that won’t exist. The political parties are giving each other so much hate and it has to stop. I’m a conservative, but I don’t hate LGBT community members. Just because someone supports a party that isn’t yours doesn’t make them worse of a person. My sister for example is very far left, I love her to death. There is no excuse to hate someone based on their opinions. I don’t want to debate anything from this post, I just want people to realize the USA is in danger.

  • MC69

    Okay, Republicans don’t hate gays. That is the biggest lie that I think I’ve ever heard and the media pushes that. Point is stop hating people based on their political views.

  • * Tribunal
    * Tribunal


  • MC69

    FNAF is the ONLY series I’ve stayed with throughout. Love the community and I love literally everything about it.

  • Poey

    As a conservative person, I still love watching matpat and other more liberal influencers despite our obvious differences in political views. Im so confused why the second someone is conservative it makes everyone turn on them. The same goes for actors. Why does it have to be such a big deal?

  • Royal Panda
    Royal Panda

    Political ideology aside, you shouldn’t send death threats or dox anyone because they simply don’t agree with you, and even then Scott did donate to pro-lgbt. I agree if you don’t support how his money is used you can remove yourself from funding the games but death threats and doxxing have no place in the world, especially under the circumstances such as a different opinion on a topic.

  • Ash Boots
    Ash Boots

    Although I don’t agree on something’s MatPat said I admire that he expressed his own opinion and not what the internet wants to hear

  • Edwardson

    Why is cancel culture a thing. Why are we allowing what your political views is, that makes you or breaks you in today’s society. Scott is the very reason why this game and the community itself has gotten to be where it is. So why does it matter on what his political views are, to want you to hate him so much. Without him the game would have never existed. Like how you are able to express yourself in your everyday life. If the roles were reversed it would be the same thing. Stop being toxic people and just grow up.

    • Lil-NiCCo06

      humanity will never evolve from taking offense from others beliefs. people won't grow up because they want others to believe in the same as them. ik I shouldn't be saying this but humanity is the reason why I want to 💀 🔫

  • Lil-NiCCo06

    I miss Scott already...but let's just hope that he always comes back.

  • Distortion Guy
    Distortion Guy

    Not EVERY company changes for 30 days Sega and Niantic for example, they both are still rainbow, its almost august, they show their support by saying “hey we don’t just care on the month it matters to anyone not apart of your group” its details like that that make me smile, it doesn’t feel like a corporate selling point. I know its off topic but it feels like it could and maybe should be stated, and that maybe keeping it for a couple months and not just 1 can really show that you care. Is that too much to say in 1 comment for a fnaf video that only talks about this briefly? Yes! Is it ok for me to? That’s up to you.

  • Junalie Balanon
    Junalie Balanon

    Go lgbq

  • Mugin

    Scott had a priority when voting, military's strength and the only one that supported LGBTQ at the time he donated to first. I think he didn't do anything wrong and tried to support LGBTQ but military seemed to be his number one priority but I could see why people would be mad at him.

  • Soy Bajo - Kira
    Soy Bajo - Kira

    It would be great if Matt took Scott’s place, I don’t think there’s anyone more dedicated than him

  • Grass Turtle
    Grass Turtle

    You shouldn't change your perception of a game or a person just based off their political views not aligning with yours.

  • Caleb

    For anyone that’s confused about the severity of the backlash against Scott, it wasn’t just threats to him. His pregnant wife and his kids were being threatened with death and constant harassment. Not to mention untold amounts of doxing. Thank you Matpat for covering the topic is an objective matter.

  • Soulpool 79
    Soulpool 79

    I hate that he's making Scott seem more worse than he is cuz I don't care that he's funding right parties I am right myself but I'm not against rights to people of color lgbtq. But he makes it so if you're playing FNAF now you're helping homophobia which he could just be funding his political party and not the bad parts. Even the Liberals have their own bad side of government. It's just that he makes it apparent to look at the more bad parts of what Scott is funding.

  • SunkistLover1

    Who the hell cares he’s entitled to have an opinion and he has the right to use his money however he wants I just can’t wrap my head around this who cares

  • Tank Pritchett
    Tank Pritchett

    I-im gonna miss fnaf😭😭😭😭

  • ArcticBreeeze

    He has a right to give the money to give to who he wants. The first amendment of the united states people. Just because you don't like someone of something then just move on. Scott doesn't deserve hate for supporting who he believes is best. Why exactly do his choices bother you people


    Bruh y’all are weird asf, just let the man support who he wants

  • Antony Ayala
    Antony Ayala

    Ok, ive watched the vídeo, never thought i would see mat pat get into this, It was really hard to whatch since i didnt agree at all with what he said. What I will say about the situation is the following: scott did not do nothing wrong, he can believe whatever he wants to believe and support whoever he wants, that's none of our business we don't and shouldnt have any business other than what he creates and what we pay for him to create, you can disagree with him sure but he's not a bad person for supporting someone he believes is right.

  • yo big
    yo big

    As a gay man myself I completely understand. And support his decision I might not agree with it but I'm not gonna mad over someones beliefs there is exceptions of course like Nazis kkk etc

  • Spice & Rice
    Spice & Rice

    That was so sad I am literally crying

    • AmberBaby

      nobody should have doxxed him, nor judge him for his actions.

  • Golden_Shadowss

    Haven’t talk about FNAF in a while?

  • Purple Odyssey
    Purple Odyssey

    Hokage mat patt

  • Bill Novakos
    Bill Novakos

    Fnafs lore hasn't been solved after so many years

  • Silver Bunny
    Silver Bunny

    We can just let Scott cawthon go and allow him to move on. You should continue supporting the franchise if it makes you happy. We can also make the fandom self supporting fandom and continue to enjoy the franchise. Like the harry Potter fandom did. Do what you will with what I've said and i know you may agree or disagree with me and i will expect and respect your opinion. - Silver 😊

  • Red_Dragon_Scale

    Ah yes, Scott has committed the most heinous crime imaginable... donating some of his own personal money, with which he can do whatever he wants, to the Republican Party. What a criminal.

  • Max David Yermolaev
    Max David Yermolaev


  • Joelle Whitlock
    Joelle Whitlock

    honestly i’m happy this is the 50th fnaf vid because i feel like it’s important, even if it’s bad news all together

  • Simp for Tinker man mick
    Simp for Tinker man mick


  • Nightfox

    *ahem* hypixel skyblock elections are superior

  • Munneh Guy
    Munneh Guy

    Whats in the box We wont ever know

  • Martha Soto
    Martha Soto

    He didn’t retire he got canceled

    • beetx

      He got canceled, then he retired.

  • Mandelbrot

    “What other fandom has so many fangames dedicated to it?” u n d e r t a l e

  • the average person
    the average person

    American politics are just dumb

  • ClayKu

    I don't give a flying frick about peoples political views. Its like saying since you support lgbt and you support Scott then you don't support lgbt. Its so wrong how people think just because you think one person is better than the other to guide our country in your own opinion can re-shape your entire carrier or life. Apparently in the 21st century people cant have opinions anymore, and that's what really concerns me.

  • J Bozue
    J Bozue

    matpat tries his hardest to convince himself someone he likes isn't republican

    • Legionary Decanus
      Legionary Decanus

      And does it matter

    • GS productions
      GS productions

      Did you even watch the video?

  • Captain Kobalt
    Captain Kobalt

    yeah. ok. i see. If I don't support the agenda of mutilating children, I'm a bigot. I watched this channel for GAME THEORIES not politics. More importantly how can you support a community that throws a tantrum and gives you death threats when you say something they don't like or just generally disagree with them? I believe that lgbt people are people, and should be treated as such, but we can't even agree on what that means anymore. On top of all this, if scott will be stepping down, someone else will take over, probably someone who's politically correct. Now your twisted fantasies of gay animatronics aren't too far away.

  • J Bozue
    J Bozue

    imagine if republicans reacted like this every single time a game developer reveals that they're are democrat

  • evelyn !
    evelyn !

    sorry, u received death threats bc of WHAT😃

  • LuciousTalks

    Eh, not my problem, I love fnaf, Scott's cool, let him do him, I won't hate him for his believes

    • Cindy McDonald
      Cindy McDonald

      Damn straight

  • Olivia Hamilton
    Olivia Hamilton

    NOOOOO!!!!! 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Josiah Browning
    Josiah Browning

    I would like to see mat pat make a politics theory but his fans from both sides might not like that

  • John Adams's
    John Adams's

    As soon as he said that Scott retired my heart almost stoped

  • Er Satrio
    Er Satrio

    Good lord, Americans are so whinny lmao. "Oh No! That tweet offended me, I will play victim now! "

    • Legionary Decanus
      Legionary Decanus

      Ngl you are right about some

  • Funkey Kermit
    Funkey Kermit

    To be honest I am going to miss Scott and the work he did and i hope that the series does not change to badly but hey only time will tell

  • Joshua Spencer
    Joshua Spencer

    15:10 Is one of those options moving to France?

  • david isaac
    david isaac

    scott playing with my emotions bro i dont to trust him or not i really confused

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy

    So this is all because a guy from Texas is remotely conservative

    • unfunny queer
      unfunny queer

      @Temmison it’s not because they have different views, it’s because the views they have are literally causing harm to millions of people

    • Epicgamer69

      @TheHuskyK9 It isn't a issue man just has a oponion and twitter hates him for it

    • Temmison

      @TheHuskyK9 I never said its one sided?

    • TheHuskyK9

      @Temmison And that applies to both "sides" of the political spectrum. Certain people tend to think only one "side" is doing that yet they're both doing it and being hypocritical.

    • TheHuskyK9

      Talk about an oversimplification of an issue

  • Davis Crawford
    Davis Crawford

    My respect for Scott 📈📈📈

    • Muted Bomber
      Muted Bomber

      Same lol

  • Ever Romero
    Ever Romero

    All thx to the gays.......

  • Françoise Rambaud
    Françoise Rambaud

    At 15:13, there's France ! France is a good choice to admire some politics. Not Macron's, of course. Politics are injust, others are ridiculous.

  • Bmanstars123 YT
    Bmanstars123 YT

    Matpat: Tell me what other fan base has as many games as fnaf. Me: You forgetting that undertale is a thing

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans

    can you still post more FNAF theories?

  • B G
    B G

    Wait what's happening with FNAF? Im out the loop, help please?

  • Foyzur Rahman
    Foyzur Rahman

    Hey matt. I watched ur fnaf vids, and idk if u said this but forgive me. In fnaf vr, u said ballora and golden freddy isnt in the game and said only why golden freddy isnt there. I think ballora isnt there because shes the wife of william afton. So she wants to torment him for not letting her in

  • Alien FromMars
    Alien FromMars


  • Arden

    I think Scott handled this pretty well (expect stepping down to avoid criticism), I mean he admitted to his allegations and took full responsibility. A lot of other UZmilkrs, developers, etc. wouldn't do that.

    • Jing Xie
      Jing Xie

      I honestly think Scott stepped down because he knew that the entire fnaf franchise was going to get dragged down with him if he stayed. The franchise would still get dragged to some degree, but obviously less if Scott disassociates himself with it.

  • NIGHTmare


  • LAF

    8:47 Is that MovieBob? Noted eugenicist and one of the craziest people of the internet, like listening to MatPat talk at 8:47 and see the eugenicist super villain himself is Tonal Whiplash.

  • endusumo Rider
    endusumo Rider

    scott is based

  • Pappa Pat
    Pappa Pat


  • Benjamin Lugo Jr.
    Benjamin Lugo Jr.

    There is nothing wrong with having a opinion!

  • Jojosimpforever

    3:09 are you saying I’m rich (really I’m not)

  • Owen Robinson
    Owen Robinson

    I didn’t fully agree with some of Matt’s points of view in this episode, but that actually made me happy. Because I found that Matt was willing to disagree and be disagreed with. He wasn’t looking for unanimous agreement like most everyone else. And I respect that.

    • aswer huio
      aswer huio

      I would like to think Scott knew a lot of people would want to boycott FNAF, so he did what he thought would be the best and left the company so the series wouldn’t be affecte

  • Zen Moto
    Zen Moto

    Tbh, why does it matter who votes for who, because either way you slice it people are going to remain bias on both sides thinking that im right your wrong. These days it's one extreme or the other. In a perfect world it would be nice to sit down and just talk about why you voted for who and not shat because of it.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    24:00 I don't care if this was scripted, this part of the video is absolutely beautiful.

  • Mikey_Pete

    18:51 hey matpat? why is there is a name "cassidy" 0u0""""""""""""

  • Meliodas & Valaris
    Meliodas & Valaris

    It's just.. funny. I don't support the LGBT community, so does that make me a bad person?

    • AmberBaby

      @Dicky Gunawan Your joking right..

    • J Bozue
      J Bozue

      no, just because we disagree with someone's actions doesn't mean we want anything bad to happen to them. I think this whole thing is a big overreaction, people don't react like this every time a public figure publicly donates to a democratic candidate.

    • Meliodas & Valaris
      Meliodas & Valaris

      @Dicky Gunawan I also don't remember saying that I support anything that would harm them.

    • Dicky Gunawan
      Dicky Gunawan

      Yes, because if you don't support the LGBT community, you would most likely support rules that can eliminate the rights of those people.

  • Konstantin Jocovic
    Konstantin Jocovic

    Minute of silence for fnaf

  • AzZuO

    i dont care if you support lgbt or dont i dont support them i dont care a bout them but i wont look diffrent at a person who suppert them or dont if they are them or arent you are jsut a normal personwith your choise

  • Michael Vallery II
    Michael Vallery II

    He only retired because a bunch of people who don’t agree with his choices bullied him into it. So your community that is all about tolerance, love, and support sure don’t have any of it. Maybe if they had something more in their life then just their sexual identity and hate for anyone that doesn’t believe like them. Then they might be more loving. God bless y’all you are more then just some sexual identity.

    • Michael Vallery II
      Michael Vallery II

      Also just because he retired doesn’t mean he’s not selling the franchise so he will still be getting money from it so yeah.

  • Bakugo Simp
    Bakugo Simp

    I am not LGBTQ+ but I know some people who are. They love FNAF and still do but when they saw Scots letter they didn’t really know what was happening and neither did I but when I looked into this I was hart broken because I truly support LGBTQ+ rights and after watching this video I see that what happens was not in Scots control I can’t hate on a man who has created one the the best franchises ever but I’m not going to judge anyone it’s your opinion think what you think I right.

  • edgelord uchia
    edgelord uchia


  • Dragons Flame
    Dragons Flame

    Scott is Christian so I understand

  • Ghost_Vinyl_Media58

    1st Amendment…. Now move on

  • long hog
    long hog

    Finally that retarded game should have stopped at the fourth one. The fan base ruined it.

    • Michael lavin
      Michael lavin

      Yeah the halo series should end aswell

  • PC MustardRice
    PC MustardRice

    Shouldn't this be proof that someone can have different political views and still be welcoming and inclusive?

  • NoVaGaming

    Scott posted on Twitter that he cares about the lgbt community

  • NoVaGaming

    But republicans love our LGBTQ community lmao

  • King Andrew
    King Andrew

    The fact that people in the comments are *still* undermining the nuance of this topic after watching this video boggles my mind. People are still talking like the issue is black and white, and like Scotr is anti-LGBT when he has proven himself to be extremely supportive of the LGBTQ community. He supported candidates because economy and foreign affairs are important to him.

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran

    15:10 **pauses video** Hooray for France 🇫🇷

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran

    11:40 If you enjoy the content of a certain creator but disagree with some of their opinions, it’s still okay to continue using or buying their products. There’s a joke that goes around my house and it goes like, “Hey, you like Michael Jackson? Well then, you support someone who… disturbs children.” We obviously don’t support those types of behaviors, but it uses the same logic. People shouldn’t begin disliking FNaF because they suddenly find that Scott Cawthon supports the political party that they don’t support and that a certain figure from the political party was spoken to be against Pride rights on a Democratic news source. It was really just his decision and his choice and opinion. If you like his products, then great! Your original opinion of his products shouldn’t change just because he has a different opinion than you. Thanks for reading.

  • Changer

    Scott's cancellation is honestly a severe blow to the functionality of democracy as a whole. I'm not a fan of conservatives; speaking as a person who makes adult content I know for a fact that the very same conservatives who are anti-censorship today would not hesitate for one singular attosecond to ban my content if they ever had uncontested control over content that gets posted online. But conservatives still have a right to exist as a party, and people who support them are not mustache twirling lunatics who vote republican for the sole reason that they just want to hurt LGBT people. Often times, they just have different ideas on how the world works. Often, the argument is painted like "We should do good in the world" vs "No, I don't want to do good." when it's really "I have a solution to this problem we have" vs "I don't think your solution will work" With basically half the country being treated like monsters who lack empathy and exist soley to be evil, it's destroying political discourse and is driving people to become ever more extreme. People with bad ideas on the left go unquestioned and unchallenged because even just being mistaken for a conservative is a death sentence, so nobody wants to be the one to stand up and criticize bad ideas from the left. The two party system is already bad enough, but a two party system where one party is characterized as demons and the other party is protected from even the most mild of criticism? You could not devise more volatile conditions if you did it on purpose. If we don't stop this trend, the country will fall apart.

  • Plush World Friends
    Plush World Friends


  • DgZn Eric
    DgZn Eric

    Heres the thing, DID Scott say he did not support LGBTQ. Literally I'm disappointed with society, just because you support someone doesnt mean you dont support individuals and groups. Here let's see the hypocrisy here, if you support Biden, you are a brain dead, sleepy, idiotic, world wrecking, the most dividing and divided person in the whole world.

    • AmberBaby

      @Michael Tran lol

    • Michael Tran
      Michael Tran

      I agree, people today are overthinking things way too much with the quickly changing waters of the internet and it gets confusing. Things like these make me lose hope in society, not saying that it wasn’t already gone :/ (However, why would you want to support a president who can even get his sentences straight)

  • Abraham Toncrey
    Abraham Toncrey

    Look mat just don’t talk about this again I want u not to get hated on and I don’t want people to hate me to so next time don’t just look at it and move on I do support Scott on this and if u do this stuff subs will be going down and like one person said in a interview I am just a entertainer I just entertain not tell my life.

  • ITS Runnernose101 Back again
    ITS Runnernose101 Back again

    It's OK son.Everyone needs a hug bro

  • Staliot

    talk about notch

we broke up
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