Game Theory: Friday Night Funkin Just BROKE Its Own Lore!

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    But I do have one theory for you I dare you to try to get the correct answer of this why does BF speaks and beeps

  • The kids in America
    The kids in America

    I like your videos and all but don’t you dare talk about my favorite game OK bye like this video and I hate this Video

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    Sorry man I forgot about what I was going to say

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    Sorry I haven’t watch this for a while I’m watching the video over I will be back with my theory and break yours down

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    And the girlfriend pulled pico out of somewhere wouldn’t he want to kill BF if you’re saying that the parents still want to kill BF then wouldn’t be go kill him on site I mean he’s unlessit’s for money

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    And if you’re saying that stick man is going to be in one of the seasons he already is in a game and if he’s already inside of this game as you song one week five or four I don’t know but yeah he’s already there doesn’t make sense for him to get sucked into there

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    Wait a minute I don’t think this theory works well pica wouldn’t kill BF because in the old PECO game I’m pretty sure they bring a guy in that was indeed boyfriend

  • Linus Shepley
    Linus Shepley


  • Blake Mayes
    Blake Mayes

    is it just me or is mat A REALLY BIG game lore nerd

  • Red / Luke
    Red / Luke

    Oh I just noticed the intro was level 5 from parappa 1

  • The Original SMP Remake
    The Original SMP Remake


  • Marissaiscool53 Plays Roblox
    Marissaiscool53 Plays Roblox

    There needs to more girls in FNF

  • Logan Wadford
    Logan Wadford

    What happens to tankman in the end of week 7?

  • Pump_cha sus
    Pump_cha sus

    Any owner or contributer of a TV Program or game: *says lore* Matt Patt: *rapidly approaching*

  • Distortion Guy
    Distortion Guy

    Next thing you know they are transported to an arena with giant cats to rap against knights

  • Gabe FNF
    Gabe FNF

    Wait is bf a demon just like gf and her parents? He has the power to reset reality or go back in reality restarting the whole thing if he dies.

  • lolpeep

    It's tophat.. NOT TOPAT!!!!!!

  • Secilya Hart
    Secilya Hart

    So he might be in high school because he's 18

  • Noxic Gaming
    Noxic Gaming

    10:06 Oh no... It's salad fingers...

  • archmadao

    the game right now is actually a demo, there will probably be 10 or 9 weeks in the demo. Also girlfriend summons pico, also just a little fact, the stereo girl "idk much about her so ya, all i know is she is an oc" it will also take around 3 years to complete friday night funkin. Also pico is armed with guns because he is scared of getting shot. Also hank will be another character, i know about the new opponents because all playable characters in the original trailer, pico has been added, all playable characters will most likely be future opponents. but hey thats just a ga-

  • Power Surge
    Power Surge

    BF is 19 so he finished high school,its just different places in one world not different dimensions and how would pico be from a different dimension if him and BF were a couple, and we already knew GF was a demon

  • Derp_Z0ne 2021
    Derp_Z0ne 2021

    What about madness combat?

  • Rohaniza Kaimi
    Rohaniza Kaimi

    Ok some of the part in this vid kinda make sense to me what doesn't make sense is...if pico and bf are ex then how they met each other i mean like if pico got dragged from pico school then he must have not yet met bf which mean doesn't make sense Also i have my theory too and its very simple...them all live in the same world...thats all i can say don't ask more


    i think the demon power about gf bringing pico in is true. fnf hd which is a fnf mod says that gf can trap people in different worlds such as pico being trapped in yugiho land after being defeated 3 times.

    • It's me Eli
      It's me Eli

      keyword: mod

  • Matthew

    Someone needs to make the intro into a mod

  • Verbler

    In a mod called Friday Night Funkin’ HD, it’s said in week 4 on the first song that they own Pico and can essentially make him do anything they want, they say “He can only speak to me if I allow him to”. I know the mod may not be canon, but that could link to Girlfriend being able to summon pico in week 7.

  • Will Clark
    Will Clark

    He don't know that there is a mod for henry

    • Will Clark
      Will Clark

      Good point

    • The Emerald Gamestone
      The Emerald Gamestone

      Doesn't mean henry wont be added I mean, the mod creator can't predict the future plus the fnf devs don't know all the mods

  • Delta The Tiny Tumbler
    Delta The Tiny Tumbler

    The Full Tank remix gives me life

  • Alexandre Macedo
    Alexandre Macedo

    Actually now that you mention Hank why don't you make a film Theory episode all about Madness Combat I mean you could have some interesting stuff for the series amplifying don't know a lot about the lord of the series

  • Quinton S
    Quinton S

    There is no intro button on my phone please help

  • おすTrashGaming

    looks like they are resurrecting flash games and linking them all into one

  • Sunday tsunami
    Sunday tsunami

    Matpat pearest

  • Sophie Blackford
    Sophie Blackford

    Henry stickmin 7:09

  • Gobo Lightning
    Gobo Lightning

    12:04 I love how everyone skips Zone-tan. Not just Matt.😂

    • Gobo Lightning
      Gobo Lightning

      12:20 well. Nvm he knows 😂😂

  • ToTo !
    ToTo !

    Hey! I think you forgot the fact that Pico and Bf are, infact, exes. Bf is a normal human and wouldn’t be able to hop realities-

  • Paula Malone
    Paula Malone

    Alright I’ve had enough of this ohhhhhh how much can u mess up Listen up (1)that timeline is laughable wtf. how would week two even happen bf would already be in the family for a long time so it would be useless (2)Henry…stickmin? I might be wrong but isn’t Henry not from new grounds and most of the fandom has thought that it’s Hank cause he’s next in line (3)I just dislike Marat from the little nightmares 2 stuff 😄 Have a nice day but mat pls do ur homework

  • NotSorryNot

    The devs literally said that the parents sent pico to the crash site to confirm the boyfriend’s death but decided to save him after finding out he’s alive.

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    Most Henry games are in a desert BtB, EtP, ItA and StD has parts of it take place in a desert Also Henry’s story starts in a desert but ends in 16 ways, most of which are in the jungle and very few are in a desert

  • Trey Brzezowski
    Trey Brzezowski

    I find it kinda funny that May knows who Zone-Tan is thanks to this series

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    I’d love to see Henry Stickmin in FNF especially cuz he’s like boyfriend, he’s silent, in fact itd prolly be Charles or Ellie with Henry next to them which would be so cool

  • roller_ghoster

    “some of the best stories come from improv” *picture of jschlatt* matthew patthew you absolute madman

  • Dj Stone
    Dj Stone


  • Shad0w

    Do ark theory pls it is interesting

  • super sonic
    super sonic

    Gay theri

  • Zapchon

    It's so bizarre hearing MatPat talk about Madness lmao

  • The blu jay
    The blu jay

    I like to think that the first song is an actually from Friday night funkin and it’s from parapa rapper

  • the trash one
    the trash one

    The beginning song is from parappa the rapper 1 it is the bathroom rap

  • Visible confusion
    Visible confusion

    Well it won’t happen cause there is a mod of Henry stickman

  • Frontcheetah212

    i was about to comment what about hank then while i was typing i heard 10:16

  • Matt car
    Matt car

    wait BF X PICO IS REAL?

    • It's me Eli
      It's me Eli

      it's been for a long time now

  • Aryn Johnson
    Aryn Johnson

    What if tankman and herry stickmin wear at the same place at the same time...... lAMO

  • Michelle Leah
    Michelle Leah

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Mooshroom

    The way schlatt just slides cross the screen like “oops wrong video sorry matpat”

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    Dude imagine the sniper assassin

  • Gemdermane

    Yea i like lor- Matpat (speedrun music plays )

  • Amare Hannah
    Amare Hannah

    *Lore exists* Mattpat:*intense breathing*

  • Pedro S
    Pedro S

    like someone doesnt know who henry stickman is XD

  • Panda Goddess
    Panda Goddess

    In the Christmas lineup, that one girl character kinda looks like zon-tan, just an observation. Not saying she would have anything to do with the game but that's very interesting. Ok after I typed this literally 10 seconds after mattpad mentions her lol nvm.

  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop

    Newgrounds Rumble isn't canon, though...

  • Jayce Boshart
    Jayce Boshart

    Is fnf the new fnaf for mat???

  • {PVT} Naruto
    {PVT} Naruto

    I’m not the only one who played madness combat all the time right when I was younger

  • InterdimensionalPizza

    you NEED to do a video on the bob mod it has more lore than fnf will ever it is very interesting

  • Meticulix

    A time loop... A TIME LOOP!?! Pretty sure I am NOT ready for where FNF is going...

  • Lid exe
    Lid exe

    The channel named wifetheory copying you

  • BMD7

    Please make Henry Stickmin theory’s pls

  • Sun Storm
    Sun Storm

    Well I have something kinda mixed here cause if bf and girlfriend just landed in a military zone with the tank men that couldn't happen cause they are in a post apocalyptic 2012 in the tank men series so what's happening is that these characters wouldn't be in fnf cause of that so it's an alternate universe where these new grounds characters are in fnf. Now when hank will be added his story would be the same but he will be in week 15 as cassette girl will be in week 11 cause if you look at it week 1 OC week 2 newgrounds/UZmilk week 3 newgrounds week 4 5 6 OC and week 7 newgrounds

  • Dennis Lundby
    Dennis Lundby

    Dude im starting to think hes not theorising im starting to think hes giving them ideas

  • AT Brown
    AT Brown

    Idk if the leaves mean spring. Thought it was just an anime thing.

  • Geography Hayden
    Geography Hayden

    Stop this is a violent game

  • Aubrey

    fun fact: the friday night funkin kickstarter has yet to surpass the mighty no 9 kickstarter makes sense, since mighty no 9 is actually a good game

  • Jayceon Smith
    Jayceon Smith

    It’s not Henry it’s hank from madness combat

  • The Wii
    The Wii

    Friday Nighr Funkin gameplay: Haha press arrows with cool music in the background Friday Night Funkin lore:

  • Yalawne Thomas
    Yalawne Thomas

    Hank from madness combat

  • Rider Yuri
    Rider Yuri

    Hey i got a theory for ya,"GAME THEORY: CoryXkenshins Dissaperance on YT,EXPLAINED"

  • Senior Venus Digital
    Senior Venus Digital

    lmao no way matpat just said the new grounds captain comes from animations. it started as a webcomic

  • Ballon Man
    Ballon Man

    Avengers endgame of the new grounds universe

  • xXnewbieXx

    12:22 can someone tell me what he ment?

  • Punmaster

    Ima just be hoping he does a madness combat theory

  • Dhaval Patel
    Dhaval Patel

    Do Henry stick man theory

  • Maria Perez Velazco
    Maria Perez Velazco

    What I was trying to say was the hidden lore of tve bob mod

  • Its_YaBoi_Rev_2035


  • Mr. Aqua GZR
    Mr. Aqua GZR

    Charles: This is tHE GREATEST PLAANNN

  • Kiran KATKAR
    Kiran KATKAR

    But when Pico comes to the rescue, girlfriend seems to be happy. Maybe girlfriend is the one who summoned Pico into the desert

  • JG H
    JG H

    There’s mods about Henry

  • GioDudeYT

    This is one of your more flimsy therys but a good one

  • hi bye
    hi bye

    dsmp is scripted not improv

  • Never stop gaming 1101
    Never stop gaming 1101

    You: enjoing your life. Matpat: ruins everything. Im not hating on him or anything just making like a meme thing

  • Stuff animal Club
    Stuff animal Club

    Pico is not from another demotion pico and boyfriend use to date so there in the same universe

  • Stuff animal Club
    Stuff animal Club

    I like how he says jesus instead of jebus

  • cody 95
    cody 95

    Why did you do that at the movie part that explodes i hate that part

  • Yim Lan Cheung
    Yim Lan Cheung

    Girlfriend jest summoned Pico

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen

    I love how I got a fnf ad right before the video

  • Israel Stayton
    Israel Stayton

    FNF or no, I'm just glad that newgrounds is getting this much attention again. If not more than it had before.

  • Mey_84

    The intro is sooooooooooooooooooooo cringy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • drawing

    I don't get it tank man's soldiers hesataited on killing girlfriend and then she was about to use her powers until well pico showed up WHY I THOUGHT THEY WHERE ENEMIES THIS DON'T MAKE SENSE!?

    • Dakota Drawz
      Dakota Drawz

      @drawing gunpoint isn't "frenemies"

    • drawing

      @Dakota Drawz still I thought they where enemies now there frenmies?

    • Dakota Drawz
      Dakota Drawz

      They were holding her at gunpoint. They were threatening Boyfriend

  • Vegito says Alright
    Vegito says Alright

    I don't know but the intro sounds more like a parappa the rapper song to me



  • Ts Animations
    Ts Animations

    FNF Lore To MatPat: There is multiple reality's, Henry stickmen will come to fnf, its one big loop, Mom And Dad an Pull Thing And Out Of A Video Game Viewers: Yup That's Definitely Cannon!!!

  • Tricky

    how many theories have you done? sir you need a break