Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

  • IceTube

    No lies, i once saw a guy in his underwear cut down one tree and instantly became stronger than god

  • Octoplaty

    If this is sponsored by raid shadow legends it is perfect but I hate it

  • dominique fritsch
    dominique fritsch


  • William Allard
    William Allard

    The thing i remember in this video : Math have a Google Pixiel

  • Ashley Chanley
    Ashley Chanley

    Do you want to know what's even worse? The fact that I'm getting these mobile game adds on my laptop.

  • Samuel Lie
    Samuel Lie

    When you eat taco bell:0:08



  • Jackadventures_

    You forget about the good old mobile game devs steal your video footage and put over their game to trick you in to downloading it

  • Foxy

    I actually play Homescapes and I’m thankful as hell it has no ads.

  • Sneaxy grape
    Sneaxy grape

    I love your videos

  • Mr meme
    Mr meme

    Make an lore video on genshin impact plz


    That is why the only mobile game i play is honkai impact

  • Perizat Urazbayeva
    Perizat Urazbayeva

    I've got one of one that was mini blocky craft and he stole footages from 2 games the 2 games are block craft 3D and minecraft

  • Gooey Shade
    Gooey Shade

    It’s so funny I got one of these adds in the video

  • Evil Apple
    Evil Apple

    I got one of the ads while watching this vid

  • J C S
    J C S

    I actually fu*king hate these dumb app ads I hope someone Sue’s one so that the rest never get made again this fake dumb apps I see all of the time

  • Thalia Horta
    Thalia Horta

    Yeah I see an add that said only 1% can drive truck 🚛 and I was in mobile and it was a truck 🚛 simulator game oh this looks like a great game but then I realized that it was actually beamng drive another game where you crash cars 🚗

  • Don’t be Petty love
    Don’t be Petty love

    There’s a game that I actually downloaded because I would be bombarded by the ads, it’s called game of sultans, it’s got a pretty misleading ads and I was kinda disappointed when I started playing but I still gave it a chance and it’s actually pretty fun and I’ve even made online friends who also played and there’s no ads that actually bombard you, the only time you see them is when you want to get in game currency.

  • Samuel Woods
    Samuel Woods

    I got one of the ads lol

  • Arlington Cummins
    Arlington Cummins

    Recently I’ve been getting ads for EXACT COPIES OF FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ but with buttons. The ads were just footage of the actual FNF.

  • Dennis Neculcea
    Dennis Neculcea

    Ah, UZmilk, blocks or demonetize UZmilk clips that “might” contain copyrighted content, but admit ads creators to post ads that r crearlo stolen by companies that guess what, they have that game copyrighted

  • Spiritus Septentrionalis
    Spiritus Septentrionalis

    the most brilliant game ad idea that i’ve ever seen is that one where it lets you to play a bit and then, at the moment when you expect it at least, the next click throws you to the download page. it’’s like sure more efficient than these “SAVE THE FISH” ads, where the very first click sends you to the download page. post scriptum. the funniest thing is when you experience that type of ads too much and end up remembering what click exactly will send you to the downloading page.

  • David Sullivan
    David Sullivan

    A bit life add popped up and I thought it was part of the video

  • Some random TDS fan
    Some random TDS fan

    I only download adds because I act like I fell for it XD Edit:I don’t download sexual adds and only do it when I’m bored

  • luu🦆

    I got one of those ads when watching this video 😎

  • Lido

    I got an ad for toon blast and Ryan Reynolds

  • Sarah Argenal
    Sarah Argenal



    E P I C

  • the gamer Rasmus
    the gamer Rasmus

    7:05 i still remember those

  • Gabe Good
    Gabe Good

    If you play mobile games you deserve to get screwed over

  • Madmankey13

    Some FNF cashgrab games will steal other people's video and use it to advertise their game, sometimes not even removing the watermark.

  • lolswag 2028
    lolswag 2028

    My co worker is level 4000 something in garden scapes 🤣 I don’t know how

  • Castellan 22
    Castellan 22

    great vidoe matpat i love you please hold my hand while i walk to the bus stop :D - dave (from crazy dave (from platns fvs ozmbie(not garden warefare) ) )

  • Shmoby the GOD
    Shmoby the GOD

    At 2:29 i got a mobile game ad but I don’t know if it’s fake cuz I didn’t download it.

  • Tanner McCoy
    Tanner McCoy

    Hey you should do a theory on security breach fury



  • Iron Cross Production
    Iron Cross Production

    There are actually good mobile games, Genshin Impact, Azur Lane, LoL Wildrift, CODM, PUBGM, Minecraft. however, there are still stupidly advertised and clickbait games on Play Store and they're annoying af. I prefer PC better.

  • lampara amarilla
    lampara amarilla

    I totally forgot about youtube annotations

  • Dusklight Radiance
    Dusklight Radiance

    It just goes to show just how cancerous money has made our society - that people are willing to do anything in pursuit of it. Sure, it's not -hurting- anyone, but in the end, it's still sleezy; and it's a slap in the face to game developers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into a game - just to have these half-baked mobile piles of junk rake in profit even when they are an almost literal pile of garbage.

  • Silenced Lemon
    Silenced Lemon

    I saw an ad for a numbers game that looked cool, but when I downloaded it, the numbers part of it was a mini game in a game of minigames, the artwork was also crazy, anime character interacting in a 3d cg world with 2d western cartoon characters, stick figures, modern western comic book like characters, and other types of character designs. Between the 5 different mini games all mashed into one and the 10 different art styles I immediately Uninstaller it and left a bad review.

  • Amethyst Blade
    Amethyst Blade

    Hate cheating Ads like this...It lies about the game experience I expect.

  • BenMeow Cat
    BenMeow Cat

    I've watched so many mobile games ads and only ONE of them shows the real ads. So disappointed. The game which had a real ad was ragnarok x, a real 3d mmorpg unlike the other games who are purely 2d and just say 'oh it's a great 3d world to explore' or the other ads draw really nice characters and when you Download them, you see PIXELLATED CHARACTERS......

  • BenMeow Cat
    BenMeow Cat

    Who got a mobile game ad for this

  • Snek Monch bred
    Snek Monch bred

    There was literally an ad that showed a woman and pointed to her 80085(b**bs) and said, "reveal this"


    I have no clue

  • Pepper_EXE

    This mans here has the smarts to get any job he really wants but he still chooses to do youtube for us

  • UwU

    One day I installed a mobile game and got it perfect to the add that they shown :note I installed the mobile game for fun when I saw the add for the game

  • Gale winds
    Gale winds

    Been a while since I've watched your videos and I saw Monica in the intro and that is illegal

  • Cake is yummy
    Cake is yummy

    False Advertising should be Punished harsher in Today's world.

  • Arthur Davi
    Arthur Davi

    At least now is not like that

  • david wilhelm lim
    david wilhelm lim

    i wasnt sure if matpat as asking if the game content was illegal or the ad was illegal

  • TheMobileGamer

    So I have a kindle that I've had for a while and I downloaded a game on it, and the ad was very similar to the one at the beginning of the video. It literally said "epic" or "cool" a lot, and the game was an outdated hair challenge game with way too many bugs called Hair Longer Challenge: Longer Your Hairs

  • Ossibot

    i am basically the complete opposite of someone who is addicted

  • Márton Soós
    Márton Soós

    Watched this video, got a shitty Animal Crossing copy ad right off the bat.

  • Denied The Lizard
    Denied The Lizard

    Yeah I miss aannotations. Actually, if annotations aren't a thing anymore why is there an option to turn them off still?

  • Crystal Linnell
    Crystal Linnell

    The intro was so EPIC EPIC EPIC!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Xenith

    Is that a homage to Rick and Morty with the loser breeze

  • Izuizu

    now we need one for the ads we keep getting on yt shorts

  • Upcod

    I love how the pfp for Oliver Stevens is Markiplier lol

  • Electric Pepperoni
    Electric Pepperoni

    How to make a mobile ad Step 1: Claim that the game is very hard. Step 2: Feature some person being kicked from something cut down a tree and become a god Step 3: Add a stupid guy playing a reach the gold pull the lever minigame Step 4: Make 1000 of these ads Step 5: Forget about the ads Step 6: Actually make the game Step 7: make a ton of in app purchases Step 8: scam ppl

  • Swayam Polar
    Swayam Polar

    If there are ads just turn of ur wifi

  • Lady-Bella

    Me getting a misleading ad on this video..... The IRONY!!

  • King Kasdin
    King Kasdin

    What about copyright, addictions and fraud and fake news, didn't those get the attention to the ftc? UZmilk and who knows what getting harassed for even the slightest false point of this, but those developers get nothing said against them at all?

  • Amirox

    Harder thank you think or 200IQ can beat this or I can reach the pink color/level 2

  • Warduxe

    Wow That annotation reference was so nostalgic. I even forgot those existed

  • The quiet kid 69
    The quiet kid 69

    As I watched this video I saw multiple clickbait ads in the process lmao

  • Fnaf Bear
    Fnaf Bear

    Stick: Epic

  • Axels awsome Adventures
    Axels awsome Adventures

    5:48 I don’t have the game, but, you do this:allow the lava to meet the water, open the gold. Easy.

  • yeet master
    yeet master

    7:23 shocker Not really lol

  • chumpess

    Didn’t gardenscapes get fined for this exact thing? Maybe that was so,etching I had a dream about 🤷‍♀️ Edit: Just saw the last 30 seconds of the video…I’m in Australia and I feel like the same kinda thing happened here.

  • PuppyPaw Plays
    PuppyPaw Plays

    Yes, I’ve seen most of those ads.

  • Ruby McCaffrey
    Ruby McCaffrey

    mine are legill games

  • Ramursya

    I've seen an ads on UZmilk with the picture of *HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS* . How can I tell? It looks like a female school uniform from my country and looks very young about 16 years old maybe. UZmilk won't let me report and it makes me feel disgusted of how UZmilk let's advertisement like this on their website.Lots of kids watch your damn websites and no they don't use UZmilk kids. If a 15 year old has to tell you what you're doing is wrong then you have no hope anymore.

  • chimkin nuggies
    chimkin nuggies

    I was watching the video and I got one of those ads

  • it's blue
    it's blue

    Intro starts here 0:45

  • Mephi Darling
    Mephi Darling

    I play a huge amount of mobile games, I don't mind spending money to support the team behind the game but never right away. For every 1000 ads, 2 or 3 will be an actual peek into the game. I've deleted every last one that was a lie, I'm here for a good time, not to be lied too

  • Luiz dos Santos Eburneo
    Luiz dos Santos Eburneo

    I am old enough to remember

  • Rip Catman
    Rip Catman

    There are so many adds that are like erase this woman’s clothes to find a clue

  • Multi

    One time I got an ad for a minecraft rip off that used an ACTUAL minecraft advertisement.

  • ZeroPancake9759

    I saw an ad of a rip-off game of minecraft and friday night funkin and they just stole videos Edit: At 5:06 is the background from DDLC?

  • Darkness ☆
    Darkness ☆

    Who saw spring trap on the left of the comupter

  • Luis Quintero
    Luis Quintero

    I just saw an ad for a game that used footage from I think world of war craft

  • Nathaniel Garza
    Nathaniel Garza

    The video: so economics of the theorem of absolute advantage dictated by the maximum output reiterated by the rule of perceived self-interest dilating the Nieztchean Will to power Ad: Can you tell me what 2+2 is . . . . 95% of people can’t. Bet you won’t, bet you can’t, bet you couldn’t

  • J Games
    J Games

    Same on pc 1:20

  • Tank

    0:17 Sir, that's three words.

  • Duster

    10:53 imagine that it was a really really good ringtone bundle and it was worth the 10 dollars

  • Marcos

    13:15 So, the UK is better

  • Vicky


  • 1 Playstookin
    1 Playstookin

    Mat. We all know theese ads are illegal.

  • Itz Annoying Creation
    Itz Annoying Creation

    I’m gonna guess that most people had one of those ads before they pressed skip

  • Clairity Vlogs
    Clairity Vlogs

    I downloaded Homescapes before reason started with the keys hi wanted and what they advertised was just home decoration and I thought the candy crush whatever’s a boar

  • Carole Cannella
    Carole Cannella

    Ads they should not be the way they are you know like less annoying so it doesn’t do the opposite of making the Game appealing

  • Sleeper

    my small brother and my parents(and my whole family except me) download mobile games by seeing its ads

  • toaster the 5fth gaming
    toaster the 5fth gaming

    i just use adblock

  • Amy Norton
    Amy Norton

    Yeah there lazy

  • Aguest

    The ads are illegal... Literally, they're false advertisement, which is illegal.

  • Unlabeled Austin
    Unlabeled Austin

    Jokes on you I use PC

  • Taqiia Hider
    Taqiia Hider

    it felt so satisfying to watch this because whenever i see those ads i feel like punching someone. they're so annoying and stupid

  • Taqiia Hider
    Taqiia Hider

    it felt so satisfying to watch this because whenever i see those ads i feel like punching someone. they're so annoying and stupid