The Best Way To DESTROY Earth! | The SCIENCE of... Solar Smash

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    Tony O Riordan

    3:38 it’s simple 3:52 it’s surprisingly complicated

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    ferb, i know what we’re going to do todag

  • Da_Enderdragon

    I think I did a presentation on this topic (not Solar Smash, but breaking planets) in a Physics class a few years back. The main bit of the presentation was about how inefficient a Death Star was for the purpose of wiping the population of a planet. Specifically, the fact that you don't need a moon-sized space station. Just a small automated spacecraft with a hyperdrive, on a Kamikaze run of the target planet. From all of the >1000x Lightspeed videos, I think Grey can attest to the fact that it is entirely capable of sterilizing a planet.

  • Danicorn

    Man, and we thought MatPat was on the FBI watch list

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    The Introverted Arcanist

    8:08 I do feel like this after eating Taco Bell!

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    James Lavalley

    4:09 3g over 5g

  • King Kasdin
    King Kasdin

    I made a meta ([most effective tactic available] and [surpassing] and [learning/evolving] ai, I dubbed her MAI (the female name pronunced "My") out of paper, then one out of food. Seriously folding boxes out of paper, and folding paper for the rng beads, folding paper for the board, folding paper for the pieces etc. Origami MAI. Then food MAI.

    • King Kasdin
      King Kasdin

      I only made the food meta ai because after making a perfectionist goaled ai, or meta ai, I wondered, if such could be made with paper and just about anything else, cards, etc and almost anything even circumstances, reality, etc can be an rng, can the unpredictability of food and something like a mix of chips like munchies be used for it too? Then I realized the answer was yes. I thought making an ai out of food, an edible ai, this experiment could be eaten afterwards. That would be scary to both the ai and the people around me, weird. The future really is now. I thought this over and over going through calculation after calculation as I walked to the convenience store to buy the materials for the experiment and invention. The material was food. Then I went to the park and did exactly that. I even gave a lecture. It was fun. But intellectuals are not unfamiliar with such methods. You aren't alone. If I'm bored I do things like this and making games to only take them apart later. I really don't care anymore. I think all intellectuals, even polymaths like me, reach the realization that nothing really matters, and go through exceptional boredom.

  • King Kasdin
    King Kasdin

    Also sentience wins out against immature animalistic temper tantrums. Grimes went for Musk, Stephanie Cordova went for Matpat, Kyle hills gf went for him, Sara weaver (Blondie) went for me. Successful women go for successful men. Your supermodel gf will most likely happen. Keep going. like the ant on a rubber string, you'll get there. Sentience and sapience is what makes humans not animals. Nobody wants regressed genes. So don't worry. Though if you want to calculate it go ahead. Just saying.

  • King Kasdin
    King Kasdin

    Also if you want a ray gun irl, concave and parabolic mirrors in a pattern of concentrating focal point is useful. You can use two mirrors pointing at one mirror or point, then have two of those setups point at another mirror or point for binary exponential amount then combine the parabolic mirrors in a concave setup of multiple converging beam from a large surface area to a small surface area. (Think house of mirrors or the death ray architect [look him up.]) Then make a network of these with multiple of these because all of these in one place is too much surface area you probably don't have. so use buildings, environment, a lot of places, etc. Then increase the base part of the equation amount of collective multifaceted parabolic mirror arrays concentrating into each parabolic mirror array to get a large base with high exponents. Then bam. This could also be used for solar power. I called this SARA (sunlight amplified through rebounding array), after my gf for whom the avengement of was this monstrous weapon necessary. And yes the FBI/government/musk/etc knows of it. Amplified is only somewhat accurate. The magnitude doesn't really increase and it requires charge time (think spartan laser charge time,) but the exponential setup and algebraic shifting of the statistics of the samples net a similar situation (also I wanted to give homage and respect to laser (light amplified through stimulated emission of radiation.) A smaller handheld version can be achieved by reducing according to scale and scope and using a flashlight or laser pointer as an ammo cartridge. Even a pencil with a laser on the end could be loaded into this. Scale up for orbital strike and beyond. Enjoy. Oh and a series different sizes and scales of magnifying glasses for a focus scope. Yes that means modifying parts for such a gun. Can anyone find the rest?

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    Muzan Jackson

    Not today satan -gray still plays

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    wow more please!

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    Adin Loving

    When you show this to your 12 year little Brother his head 🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    Did you know you can blow up the sun in this game

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    Nathan Montero

    Star wars

  • Nathan Montero
    Nathan Montero


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    Bill Clinton

    2:35, this doesn't sound right at all.

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    SubtleGnu Gaming

    Just wanna say. Gray still plays has played one of my levels, so….

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    Revertz 1ups

    Florida man is here

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    your going way too deep 😑

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    Austin: Talks Me: *Casually destroys Earth*

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    Grab That Free Stuff

    This is like angry Vsauce.

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    Naufal 2108

    Is it just me or that thing is looking kinda *T H I C C* 3:04

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    2:34 what is that music



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    You sure this is matt-

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    Normal people: Supernova Austin: Supernovai

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    Liam Dare

    It’d probably take like… 3 Duracell batteries if you were sponsored

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    ~Lil miss Kristy~

    I have a fear of space

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    scp 173


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    Why the frick would you upload this? At this point I think you're losing your sanity. I mean, it's not like you were sane before.

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    7:23 but we work at taco bell

  • Ramiel

    Is not clear to me if you could beam that much energy into regular light form or gamma radiation or if it would turn to matter and be shutting lumps of matter.

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    Withrow Jeanette

    Me when i finish this video: welp time to destroy the world

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    Aliens: This video will do nicely

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    Briana Heyward

    this looks and sounds incredibly illegal... i love it.

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    T D

    He did this theory, then I went and got the game...

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    Shashwat aggarwal

    Please let matpat do the voicing his voice is more cheerful and doesn't makes everything boring

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    Ionut Trifu

    Bet the next episode on Mr.Austins descending into madness, is on how to make a termonuclear war head that is powerd by hamsters. This is a joke. ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)

    • Ionut Trifu
      Ionut Trifu

      Also Mr.Austin "look's" and sound's much more......relaxed?

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    Music from rusted warfare? And talking about my fav florida man lmao

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    FBI joined the chat

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    Familia LYCS

    GraySillPlays: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 earths of mass ROOKIE NUMBERS ADD MORE ZEROS

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    Wow you hit 14 million subs ._. that's cool

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    *rubs hands maliciously*

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    where is matpat?

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    I don't understand why a shitty mobile game is getting so much attention

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    The 101

    Did u take in mind what kind of metal will be used without melting or exploding while lunching this power?

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    why is animations

    Thanks let's do this

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    CREEPER2159 j

    And how many duracell batteries are needed to power a death ray - Austin 2021

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    "NOT TODAY SATAN" -Graystillplays

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    Tardigrades will live!

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    7:24 nice one

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    POV:you survived a super nova You: Not today Satan.

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    Bowl, I guess.

    thanks for the tutorial

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    Graystillplays: Stop saying those numbers at least say very tiny numbers like *186.1179521794 googolplexian to the power of 17.819.61118800023*

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    I see b00bs

    Hands down for a second I thought it was real

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    How do I get the fourth secret planet?

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    *Hey ferb I know what we are going to do today*

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    what about the forcefield device that can hold against it

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    oh no next is some rich person irl doing this for money but its a scam...

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    everything is infinite

    Who is this person why no Matt Pat

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    planet maker 347

    ive got a good one, explain how much energy the slayers crucible outputs(its hotter than planck temperature and none of that heat is irradiated into the environment)in one second.

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    Bring up a Air-conditioner

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    Youre selling a red leather jacket for $100? Thats criminal. I wouldn't pay 20

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    Nothing makes me happier than Austin being a fan of Gray Still Plays

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    Torben Franke

    Love that timely reference to Home Improvement. XD


    "Ferb I know what we're going to do today"

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    *_F E R B I T H I N K I K N O W W H A T W E R E G O N N A D O T O D A Y_*

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    Liam Robinson

    The most impressive thing here is the the number of batteries needed is small enough that we have a word for it.

  • Killaim

    clearly the ship is just a transport for a warp gate that links up to several dyson spheres that then unload their full power from their respective suns into the beam

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    Seb Tube

    Solar Smash 2: How To Blow Up A Planet

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    Trystan Kitty

    You can actually overcome the laser thing that destroys the earth. You need like 100

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    Me, doing my best Tarkin impression: "You may fire when ready."

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    *The government would like to know your location*

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    Anybody else hear Austin say "magniflying glass?"

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    I watched GrayStillPlays... then the Film Theory... Then combined

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    Never thought that a mobile game where you can summon cuthulu to destroy a planet could be scientifically accurate at all.

  • Simp for Tenebria
    Simp for Tenebria

    So the System Killer from Sword of the Stars be packing a lot of energy then to make the region of space to quake before a world's impending doom.

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    Is this mat pat.

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    boys I know what I'm doing today

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    Oh how I’ve been needing a good ole Austin rant

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    super Villians watching this: Hmm, ooohhh... Thanks! [DESTROYS THE EARTH]

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    *laughs in machine world*

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    Is going to be chaos

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    Pp where is my aunt's boss's name and they are selling children's clothing fetuses I was just trying to say to me and her were on the same exact page same time

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    i gonna Destory the earth on 1 june and the ni go back in time to make holland My own kingdom

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    The FBI watching this: _Interesting._

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    0:07 SMILE

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    FBI open up

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    I mean it is a very interesting episode. But... Why do we need to explode and destroy our own planet earth??? .. Why do we need to do it???....

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    "Solar Smash is a mobile game" Shows PC gameplay

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    Aliens: Hm... interesting, write that down! Just in case.

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    The Richest Fictional Characters Ever Part 3 WHERE!!!!!!!

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    I Break Games

    Imagine if in 2 billion years a battery made octillions worth of batteries and then their factory caught on fire

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    The Sonic Prof.

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Austin took the time to calculate how many Duracell batteries this thing would take to blow up the world as we know it?

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    The fact they put this is game theory. Bruhv